H. P. Mendoza is an American film directorscreenwriter, actor, producer and musician. He is best known for his micro-budget work as screenwriter, composer and lyricist on Colma: The Musical (2007), as well as his follow-up musical and directorial debut, Fruit Fly (2010). Mendoza's musical films have been dubbed "mumblechoral" by Steve Seid of Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

In 2012, Mendoza was inducted into Essential SF by San Francisco Film Society alongside Terry Zwigoff and Judy Stone (journalist).

Mendoza also wrote and directed the 2014 film I Am a Ghost.

Along with his feature films, Mendoza is also known for his music in films and albums, notably his first album, Everything is Pop, re-released for its 10th anniversary in 2014.

H.P. Mendoza is currently a resident filmmaker at SFFILM working on his next feature film, Bitter Melon.